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Adult Beverage Showcase

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Ok, yes. The rumors are true. We have had considerable experience with alcohol. Over the decades perhaps more than we’d care to admit. From new brand introductions to sexy rebranding makeovers. From TV commercials and radio to social campaigns and “real life” events. 


Below you'll find a great showcase of some of that experience.

Please enjoy responsibly!



What's Inside May Surprise You


New image for an old liqueur

Frangelico was trying to change its image from that old syrup bottle on the back shelf, to the interesting and versatile liqueur that it is. When you taste it, it is surprisingly unique. And that spawned the campaign, "What's inside may surprise you." Making a play on the unique taste and surprising nature, we created characters that were as surprising and unique as Frangelico. This international campaign was a huge success in rebranding a stale image and introducing it to a new generation. Younger, but still sophisticated.


Each protagonist in the campaign offered something personal about themselves that was a surprise.


Photography by the infamous Roxanne Lowit.



A corresponding microsite to educate consumers about fun cocktail recipes and about the brand.


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