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Generated excitement, built awareness and created demand for IZZE through strategic events/parties designed to identify and celebrate individuals whose intriguing personalities embody the IZZE spirit. IZZE is fun, fresh, great tasting sparkling juice. To set the brand apart from its competitors, give it a kick and create a unique world for IZZE, we developed the IZZE personality by associating it with a diverse group of high profile individuals who embody the IZZE spirit – personalities included Laura Wasser, Tim Omundson, TMZ’s Harvey Levin among others. Then we worked with master mixologist, Michael Rubenstone, who created new signature cocktails based on these individuals using IZZE Sparking Juice. Including non-alcoholic concoctions.


IZZE sponsored parties and high profile celebrity events honoring these individuals where new signature IZZE cocktails were introduced, sipped and paired with food.  Press and news clips helped generate consumer interest and excitement about the new drinks.  We strategically placed IZZE at the top 100 mixology bars in New York and Los Angeles, and … patrons began asking for the new signature IZZE drink. Other tactics included IZZE pop-up parties and store front take overs to help build momentum, a microsite with drink recipes, celebrity photos drinking IZZE, bloggers, influencers, facebook and digital targeted young hip consumers.  Soon everyone wanted an IZZE cocktail.

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