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We wanted to break into the competitively mature bottled water category. With a limited budget, the strategy was to efficiently introduce Fiji Water to health and status opinion leaders. The positioning would focus on being the leading-edge development in bottled water with “The Evolution of Water”. The communications initially rolled out in influential markets, including New York, LA and Miami.

The new brand positioning was integrated across traditional and unconventional media that included print, Internet, direct marketing, event marketing, sampling, sampling displays, point-of-sale and premiums. The communications have since extended into high-profile product placement, including Sex and The City, The Thomas Crown Affair, Cast Away, Friends and Ally McBeal.

As a direct result of the brand positioning and communications, Fiji Water has become the surprise break-out brand in the bottled water category. It successfully connected with the opinion leaders -- even being endorsed as “the celebrity favorite” in Marie Claire magazine. It is now the fastest-growing imported water in the U.S. with sales far exceeding business objectives. The national media has picked up on the success of the Fiji Water brand with stories on television and in print. It has recently been covered in Newsweek and The New York Times. Awareness of Fiji has now taken off worldwide.

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