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Cleveland Clinic Comparison


Raising The Bar

We put a great regional heart hospital in the same company as a leading national hospital. With this one ad we surpassed North Shore LIJ (a top competitor) in terms of reputation and rankings.


Please Don't Let Me Die


A Patient's Strong Words

Testimonial ad ran once in the New York Times and drove over 35,000 hits to the hospital’s microsite the day it ran.


Saying to the the doctors of St. Francis

We're Not All Heart


Service Lines

A clever line that highlighted all of St. Francis' services and amazing doctors. 


A True Story

The compelling real story of the patient, the doctors and the hospital. 

Heart Month


The Lives We've Saved

St. Francis is one of the leading heart hospitals in the country. It's one thing to say it, it's another to show it. This patient-centric campaign shows what it takes to be a leading heart hospital in the country in a dramatic and attention-getting manner.

Facebook Heart Health Tips

Highly Targeted to cardiac patients, this campaign doubled the Hospital's followers in a single month. 

We Add Years to Your Life

and Life to Your Years



Emotional spot that dives into the breadth of services and technology at St. Francis.


Movement is Freedom

Created a memorable campaign with a powerful tag line "Movement is Freedom" to build awareness of Catholic Health Services and position them as a leader in orthopedics on Long Island. 


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We're Here For You

Six Hospitals. One Unified Message.


How do you take six different regional hospitals and six extended healthcare facilities and give them one voice, one look, one promise that ties them all together? Create a simple line that puts the care back in healthcare. “We’re here for you.”



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